How we work

We provide solutions that fulfill your needs. Starting by meeting in your businesses and learning about your vehicle needs, along with learning what your companies long term goals are so that we can give you the right vehicle/funding to suit your business.  The beauty of dealing with ARH is that we work closely with our clients to provide the vehicles they need to fulfil the needs of their business. One of our principles is that we will not shy away from telling you if we do not think a product or service is right for you!

Funding types we provide

Personal/Business Contract Hire

Business Contract Hire

A simple and cost effective way to fund any number of vehicles. Contract Hire,  is a long term rental agreement. Contracts range from 12 to 60 months and are tailored to the businesses.

Personal Contract Hire

As the name suggests Personal Contract Hire (also known as personal leasing) is simply contract hire but for individuals

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is based on a fixed term contract where customers pay an agreed monthly charge for the use of a vehicle for a previously agreed period.


Finance Lease

Finance Lease

Finance Lease is a popular funding option for commercial vehicles or vans where Contract Hire is not always suitable or the best option.

Hire Purchase/Lease Purchase

Hire/Lease Purchase

Hire Purchase is for those that wish to own a vehicle but do not necessarily have the money to buy one immediately, and is another type of vehicle finance which is ideal for non VAT registered customers who eventually wish to take ownership.

Outright Purchase

Outright Purchase

As the name describes outright purchase is simply paying for something in full. We can help source vehicles in this manner using our extensive network and contacts.  

Need help with working out what funding types suits you best? No problem - give us a call!