New Renault Zoe-Big Ranger Game Changer!

Big Ranger Game Changer

The New Renault Zoe is certainly that.
Whilst it has all the benefits of the previous model, it also has a much greater range which will therefore stop any conversations about range anxiety in their tracks. Entry into the 200 mile plus range club has almost been exclusively higher priced car such as Tesla & Jaguar until now!

Range/Charging details

Details provided are for the Renault Zoe Electric 1100kW i
GT Line R135 50KWh Rapid Charge 5dr Auto

RangeGT Line R135Cost per mile**
Summer (real-world estimate)2332p
Winter (real-world estimate)1503p
ChargerCharging time**
7kW (0-100%)9h 25
This is the rate your free home charging point will be charging at. The majority of your charging will take place here, typically at night. The average adult needs 8 hours of sleep, so get your 8 hours in and by the time you are ready to leave the house, New ZOE will be fully charged and ready to go!
22kW (0-100%)3 hours
On most journeys, there is no need to fully recharge and you will typically only top-up for half an hour at a motorway station. The perfect excuse for a cup of coffee.
50kW (0-100%)1h 10
Great if you are planning a longer journey! New ZOE can regain 90 miles of driving range in just 30 minutes of charging. Take a well earned break from driving and recharge at the same time as your New ZOE.

Innovation for a better life

What is the purpose of innovation, if it doesn’t offer a tangible benefit? That’s why all of New ZOE’s innovative features are specifically designed in order to make your electric life even easier.

Regenerative braking: Every time the driver brakes, the battery gets a boost of energy. This boost increases when you switch New ZOE in to B Mode!

Heat pump: The heat pump is able to air-condition and heat your car more efficiently than a traditional system, meaning you can conserve more of your batteries energy for driving range.

Pre-conditioning: Through Z.E. Services** you can pre-set the temperature of the car so it’s ready for you before you get in. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

ECO Mode: When using the ECO Mode, the dynamic performance and air conditioning or heating is limited to maximize New ZOE’s driving range.

A firm favorite into 2020

There are many new Electric Vehicle due to land here in the UK in 2020, but I am confident in saying that the New Renault Zoe will be a continued firm favorite with its combination of looks, equipment and range.

If you are looking for a small Electric Vehicle for either yourself or your business, and think the Zoe could be be right for you then please get in touch.

We also offer an EV suitability service to make sure an EV is right for you.

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