ARH Vehicle Solutions was set up by Andy after working in the motor industry for over 35 years. He felt that there was room for improvement in terms of looking after businesses and giving expert advice with regards to sourcing and funding new vehicles. Whilst there are plenty of Call Centre brokers and Main Dealers at the both ends of the spectrum, he felt that we could offer a more consultative solution.

Meeting customers in their businesses and learning about their vehicle needs, and then providing the right solutions in a friendly yet respectful way.

We provide solutions that fulfill your needs.   Starting by meeting in their businesses and learning about their vehicle needs, along with learning what your companies long term goals are so that we can give you the right vehicle/funding to suit your business.

The beauty of dealing with ARH is that we work closely with our clients to provide the vehicles they need to fulfil the needs of their business. One of our principles is that we will not shy away from telling you if we do not think a product or service is right for you!

ARH Vehicle Solutions

ARH Vehicle Solutions

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